RDB Pallets wood and pallets


Standard Pallets

Euro pallets

Afmeting: 800x1200 mm

Each RDB production site has an EPAL-license. So we produce in accordance with the imposed EPAL standards. Monthly are our sites audited by an external company. You can identify the pallets by the EPAL-stamp. Click here to view our licenses.

CP pallets

CP is the abbreviation for ‘Chemical Pallet’. These pallets are frequently used in the chemical industry. You can contact us for the 9 types of CP-pallets: from CP1 to CP9. Can you find the specifications of each type in this appendix. RDB pallets produces all CP pallets in accordance with these regulations.

VMF pallets

Dimension: 1000x1200 mm

VMF pallets are the standard pallets in the glass industry. They are very suitable for transporting bottles. VMF pallets must meet high quality standards because they are predominantly used in automatic production lines. RDB pallets weekly produces thousands of units of this type of pallets for numerous large glass manufacturers.


Customised Pallets

Do your products require a bespoke wooden packaging? Then you are at the right address at RDB Pallets.

We start with a profound analysis of your needs and requirements with respect to loading and handling. Next, RDB pallets designs your customised wooden packaging. The production of these tailored products is done by hand.

By choosing a bespoke wooden packaging, you prevent damage to your product, you save handling time and you meet your (end) client’s demands.

The respect with which you handle your product, reflects the rigour of your company.



RDB Pallets produces boxes and crates customized to your products. We design them to meet your needs and requirements with respect to loading and handling.

The production of these tailored products is done by hand. This gives us the opportunity to pay close attention to the finishing. Adequate closure mechanisms, necessary reinforcements, special linings and other requirements: all is well thought-out and carefully executed.

A wooden box or crate will allow you to prevent damage to your product during transport. Also it will help you save handling time. The way you pay attention to the safe packaging of your product will reflect the quality that your company stands for.


Used Pallets

Tweedehands pallets

Thanks to our contacts and our logistics network in various sectors RDB Pallets is able to buy used pallets.

After a strict check upon arrival at our site sort we these pallets by size, load bearing capacity and construction. We repair them, stock them and market them again. This way, you can count on the best quality at an economical price.

Do you have used pallets and would you like to give these a second life? Please contact us to discuss the options.

Would you like to contribute to the environment by buying recycled pallets? Click on this link to view our product range or contact us with your specific inquiry.



The purchasing office in Riga is responsible for quality control and saws to the desired dimensions.


Other products

You will save quite some time and resources by grouping your purchases at one supplier. Moreover, it simplifies the follow-up of your project and makes it easier to perfectly align things.

Below you will find an overview of the products that we can also offer you:

Big Bags: the team of GPK Services, specialised in big bags for 30 years, gladly helps you to look for the best solution for the handling and storage of your goods.

Pallet Pool: hiring pallets rather than buying them? Use PGS Reverse. They will take care of all your pallets from A to Z. ECOPGS, euro and Düsseldorfer pallets are included in our range.

Plastic Pallets: we also offer plastic pallets. Standard sizes, customised pallets and pool pallets are included in our range.

Recycling wood waste: BOA operates in France and neighbouring countries with the following activities:

  • collecting and processing industrial and private wood waste.

  • providing biomass to the energy and heavy industry sector.

  • producing (coloured) ground cover.

Metal product range: the PGS Group has an extensive range of metal packaging: aluminium, galvanised metal and stainless steel. In France they produce standard and custom sizes, both in small and large volumes.

Pallet repair: do you have damaged pallets and would you like to have them repaired? Eco Repair comes to your site with a mobile repair machine to carry out the repair work under your supervision.

Photopolymer panels: Art Media Graphic (AMG) is the French market leader for the development of personalised photopolymer panels for prints in corrugated fibreboard (flexography).