RDB Pallets wood and pallets

The strenghts of RDB Pallet

Sociaal engagement

Just like you, RDB pallets is committed to society. Therefore, we work along with various bespoke companies. These production environments encourage he integration for people outside the regular labour market.

Non-standard pallets, small series and boxes and crates are manufactured on these sites by hand. Our partners: www.optimat.be , www.westlandia.be, www.sowepo.be en www.agefiph.fr.


Sustainable and ecological production

RDB Pallets attaches great importance to sustainability. We daily put our money where our mouth is:

  • Our PEFC certificate gives you the assurance that our wood comes from a sustainably managed forest.
  • All timber imports from outside Europe meet the EUTR legislation.
  • Biomass combustion plants provide the energy for our drying kilns.
  • Our wood waste is used for energy recovery.
  • We use photovoltaic panels for the generation of energy. On sunny days we generate about half of the necessary power.
  • We buy used pallets from our clients so as to promote recycling.

Wenst u met uw firma zelf bij te dragen aan het milieu, dan verwijzen wij u graag door naar Reforest Action. Een initiatief dat RDB Pallets zelf ondersteunt. Alle info vindt u op www.reforestaction.com.



Your personal contact person is responsible for the follow-up of your project. He is in direct contact with the administrative department, the production department and the logistic department.

Thanks to good internal and external communication we can respond rapidly depending on your specific needs and wishes.


Fast & smooth delivery

We guarantee a smooth supply thanks to our sophisticated process at three levels: SUPPLY, PRODUCTION and TRANSPORT. The outstanding alignment of all processes at these three levels makes just-in time delivery possible.

For the SUPPLY we work together with various suppliers from Belgium, Germany, France, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. In this way we ensure a constant supply of wood. In order to guarantee the quality, we conduct an incoming inspection right away. Moreover, we maintain a permanent stock 40,000 m3 of wood, as a result of which we are even able to produce without supply for 6 weeks.

For the PRODUCTION we use the latest modern machinery. No less than 18 fully automated and computer-controlled lines ensure impeccable quality. Moreover, the final assessment is always carried out by skilled employees. Our ISO 9001 certificate proves that quality is paramount.

For TRANSPORTING your wooden packaging we have been working along with external preferred suppliers for years. They deliver your order to your company and unload the truck quickly and in consultation with your staff or site manager.


Drying & treating

The increasingly stringent (safety) standards in your production environment extend to the level of your packaging. We respond to this demand by delivering the wooden pallets dried and HT.

This process starts already in the storage. Thanks to our roofed canopies we can stock 25,000 m3 of wood dry. In this way the wood can dry naturally after delivery on our site.

If your shipment has to be delivered outside Europe an ISPM15-stamp is required and RDB Pallets will ensure the required heat treatment in one of the 18 drying ovens.